If you were to ask the top chefs in the United States what shrimp they
prefer, their overwhelming answer would be, "
Wild Caught American shrimp!"  

Caught by hard-working shrimpers off the coast of Louisiana and throughout the maze of
coastal canals and bays, these fresh shrimp are immediately unloaded from the boat and
shipped to you on ice.  They come head-on and average 15-25 count per pound.  We only
accept orders in 500-pound increments and orders must be placed ahead of time.  This
way we'll coordinate with our shrimper so when he arrives at the dock, your order will be
loaded and will hit the road right away.  The fall season typically runs from mid-August to
15-25 count FRESH Shrimp
Wild Caught white Gulf Shrimp, straight off the
boat in Delcambre, LA
$5/lb, $2,500/500lb
Now Available!  Shipping cost averages $.50
per pound extra, depending on location.
Contact us for more information or to order.
Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp
We can freight bulk orders (1,000 lbs
minimum) of frozen shrimp directly to you,
anywhere in the country.  This includes
peeled & deveined shrimp in 5-lb. boxes.  
If you need a new supplier of Gulf shrimp,
contact us.
Wonder where our shrimp comes
from?  Click above for details!
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