If you were to ask the top chefs in the United States what shrimp they
prefer, their overwhelming answer would be, "
Wild Caught American shrimp!"  

Gulf of Mexico brown shrimp is at the top of that list and we're thrilled to bring you the
taste-explosion of these shrimp at unbelievable prices.  Caught year-round by hard-working
shrimpers off the coast of Louisiana and throughout the maze of coastal canals, these fresh
shrimp are immediately unloaded from the boats and processed at either Delcambre, LA, or
New Orleans, LA.  For retail sale, we only buy fresh, uncooked shrimp that is peeled and
de-veined (P&D) and individually quick-frozen
(IQF) to lock in the full flavor and freshness.  
The P&D format means the shell has been removed and the vein taken out, cutting out all
the prep time compared to shrimp with the shell still attached.  This also means you're not
paying for product that ultimately ends up in your trash!  Each bag is filled with a full two
pounds of wonderful Gulf shrimp, perfect for frying, throwing into an elegant pasta dish, or
barbecuing on the grill!

We are currently offering 21-25 count P&D, equivalent to 16-20 count shell-on.  
2-lb Bag 21-25 count P&D IQF
Louisiana Gold Wild Caught brown Gulf Shrimp
Now Available!
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Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp
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We can freight bulk orders (1,500 lbs
minimum) directly to you, anywhere in the
country.  Fresh Gulf shrimp are still
available and are as safe and flavorful as
ever!  If you need a new supplier of Gulf
shrimp, please
contact us.
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